Do you have any problems when selling a new property or a property you are living in?

Since the property has not been completed yet, we cannot guide you to the room.
■ The size of the space cannot be conveyed only with drawings and perspectives
■ Since it is a living property, the furniture and personal belongings are as they are, so I can not publish the photos.
We want to provide customers who are considering purchasing a property with a concrete image of their lifestyle.

In such a case, please take advantage of the 360° perspective [VR tour] .

360° Perth [VR Tour]
・You can go around the room like Google Street View.
・Because you can see 360°, you can feel as if you are in the room.
・You can embed text, URL links, videos, and images as content.
・It is also possible to create a making-of video of the property.

[VR tour example]

[Example of property making video]