■ About service

How can I place an order?
I would like to request multiple property photos, is that possible?

A.It is possible to apply for multiple projects at once.

I would like to know more about the service before placing an order.

A. Please contact us from the inquiry form.

Contact Us

What is the estimated delivery time?

Estimated delivery time varies depending on the service, so please refer to the following.

[Virtual Home Staging]
Minimum 3-5 business days

[3DCG perspective]
2 to 3 weeks

*Depending on the content and volume of the request, it may take some time.

Also, if you are in a hurry, please feel free to contact us when ordering.

Is it possible to specify the placement of furniture accessories for staging?

A.Yes, we can.

If you can describe the specific location etc. on the drawing or floor plan and upload the file, the work will proceed more smoothly.

Can I fix virtual home staging?

A.Yes, it is possible to modify it.

Correction requests can be accepted up to 3 times.

If you have a request, please describe the specific instructions in the drawing or floor plan and upload the file so that the work will proceed more smoothly.

Are there any rules for the data format of property photos?


What is the data format delivered?

A.The data format to be delivered will be JPEG.

The resolution may be lower than the data you received.

■ About orders

Please tell me the payment method.

A.You can use the following payment methods.

・Credit card ・Bank transfer

Can you issue an estimate/invoice?

A.Yes, it is possible.

I would like to confirm the delivery date.

A. Please contact us by email by replying to the order confirmation email.

Can I purchase services without registering as a member?

A.I'm sorry. Membership registration is required.

■ About the shooting agency service

Where is the shooting area?

A.The shooting area is Tokyo and 3 prefectures.

・Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama

Please tell me the flow of shooting request.

A. Please refer to here for the flow of requests.

Are the prices hourly?

A. Fees will be charged by the number of dwellings, not by the hour.

Do I have to pay for transportation separately?


How many days does it take from requesting a photo shoot to delivery?

A.After receiving an order from the web for the property information you wish to shoot, we will shoot, edit, and create a floor plan, and deliver it in 3 to 5 business days, the fastest in the industry.

If I don't like the photo, can I change it or get a refund?

A. We do not accept photo corrections or refunds after shooting and delivery.

Please let us know in advance if you have any requests.

Is it possible to take a picture of the exterior only?

A.It is also possible to shoot only the exterior.